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Effective PPC Management - Accomplish With Us
Avid web users like you love to search and search for only one thing – information. And in the process of finding information, you would have stumbled upon on what is known as sponsored listing. 

This is a relevant ad (typically a text ad) with a link to a destination page which is displayed when you type in a specific phrase in the search engine. A fee is charged for every click of each link, with the amount bid for the click the main factor determining its position. The method for achieving placement in this sponsored links part of the page is called paid-search (aka ‘pay-per-click’ or PPC).

Straightforward PPC management with us
We believe in doing the task and not hovering around it. With our PPC campaign you straightaway get a planned approach for doing it. Effective use of tools like Google Adwords, Google Sitemaps, Overture and MIVA gives you an accurate assessment on key phrase popularity and performance- an essential to launch an effective PPC campaign.

Simultaneously, we perform gap analysis to identify where the biggest potential for improvement is, so you can target your resources accordingly. Basically we concentrate on identifying phrases which have high ratings for search volume and relevance, but which are not currently delivering click volume, position or outcomes. This way the current loopholes are effectively weeded out.

Key phrase behaviors are also accounted for. For example, some days of the week are more popular for online purchasing. Understanding of this fact helps us to exploit it for PPC advantage. So, deep research and in-depth knowledge go hand in hand with us which make your PPC campaign a true success. 

Build a positive brand image
PPC is undoubtedly the best medium to get that brand image which you have always wanted. With Designus Digital Marketing’s thorough understanding of the nitty gritty of PPC management, you can be fully assured of traffic, rankings and higher returns on investment. Your listings appear faster and in the most appealing way. And needless to say our PPC management goes in line with your changing marketing goals. Thus a win situation for you always.

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